How many of the poor are trampled on in our day! . . . Among them, I cannot fail to include the migrants and refugees who continue to knock at the door of nations that enjoy greater prosperity.

Pope Francis
June 26, 2019

In recent weeks, the relentless news cycle has shown the world the darkness that is ever-prevalent in our immigration system. 

Immigrant children, adults, and families are suffering. Deaths at our border and in immigration custody, human rights abuses in immigration detention centers across the country, the fear inflicted by threats of wide-spread immigration raids in our cities, the systematic denial of asylum at our border for some of the world’s most vulnerable people—none of this upholds the inherent dignity of each and every human being. 

As people of faith, we are a light in the darkness. We keep watch, we do not turn away, we unite in prayer and action for those who migrate.

Take Action Now!

Support and Pray


Print a poster for your home, office, parish, or school showing your support for immigrants and refugees, uniting in prayer with other people of faith as a light in the darkness.



Yard Signs

Order a yard sign to show your community that you stand with immigrants and refugees.

Spread the Word


Facebook Profile Picture Frame:

Add a Facebook photo frame to your profile picture to let your community know that you are keeping vigil for immigrant families. To add the frame:

  1. While in your profile, hover over your profile picture and select “Update Profile Picture”
  2. Select “Add Frame”
  3. Search “Ignatian” in the Add a Frame to Your Profile box.
  4. Select the “I Stand With Immigrants & Refugees” frame.

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